Lynnie Saint-James
ISBN: 978-1-921369-42-1


  • She said she’d never, ever wear a sari, let alone go camping. Just the Ticket tells how this well-heeled, blonde Aussie author got it wrong and how her Indian-born boyfriend is, infuriatingly, always right.Join Lynnie on her fun-filled journey that starts with an invitation to 5-day wedding in India that made her cry; “But I’ve got nothing to wear!” Lynnie then cries bloody murder when she discovers her holiday will end in Europe in a fifteen-year-old campervan her infuriating man had bought, sight unseen, on the Internet.Read how the Sari-for-Idiots solves Lynnie’s wedding wardrobe woes and how she manages to keep a stylish stilettoed foot in all camps at all times across eight European countries.Shoes, bags and bling notwithstanding, this riotous rite of passage from 5-star stays in India to shared European shower blocks also explains what a sari ticket is and why it’s now Lynnie’s don’t-leave-home-without-it travel accessory.