Roseanne Robinson


ISBN: 9781922238191 (pbk)

RRP: 26.99 (paperback)

Subject: Fiction - Espionage - Terrorism

Roseanne Robinson was born to a middle class Ipswich, Qld. Family.  She has been married and divorced and has two children.  She is currently full time carer to her elderly mother.


Roseanne was always a prolific reader of fiction.  Writing is an offspring of her wild imagination. She has no background in the literary world, but has a passion for writing.

Always wanting to write, she used writing to escape from her sometimes dreary and mundane existence. Today she is a happy with her lot in life, doing what she loves doing, caring for the people she loves and writing.

"Publishing for Generations To Come"

Horizon Publishing Group
P.O. Box 275
Cherrybrook NSW 2126


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