The Singkeh


Terence Campbell


Fiction based on a true story


Three (3) Volumes

Volum 1: Newcomer

Volum 2: Planter

Volum 3: Sunset of An Era


Subject: Europeans--Indonesia--Fiction.
               Rubber plantations--Indonesia--Fiction.
               Indonesia--Social conditions--Fiction.


ISBNS: Vol 1: 978-1-922238-26-9  

             Vol 2: 978-1-922238-31-3 

             Vol 3: 978-1-922238-40-5 


RRP:    per volum $24.99 (paperback)

RRP:    for the three (3) volums: $59.99


The story is set in Indonesia in the immediate post Independence period, and relates the adventures of a young British planter, Andy Anderson, on a rubber estate in the East Indies island of Sumatra. It is a tale of tempest and famine, riots and rancour, corruption, jealousy, intrigue and murder, and friendship, joy, love and passion. It also heralds the sunset of an era.

Chapter 1 is a prologue describing the outward voyage from Southampton to Belawan and introducing some of the characters who will reappear later in the story. The true adventure begins when Anderson sets foot on Sumatran soil.

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