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Fraser Beath McEwing


Subject: Fiction - Modern & Contemporary Fiction
              Romance - Adult & Contemporary Romance
              Comedy & Humour


ISBN:     978-1-921369-01-8

RRP:      AU$26.99 (paperback)


If you’ve ever been involved in network marketing, either as a distributor or a customer, cafe will have you nodding and laughing out loud. And if you haven't, you'll still laugh too much to risk reading cafe in a public place.

cafe is told by Ed Sharock, a burnt-out advertising copywriter who will lose his job unless he comes up with a winning brand for an American pet-food company. Although Ed is elated when he hits the jackpot, he is dismayed to find that the miraculous products are sold only through network marketing, which he detests. But the attraction of huge incomes and the magnetism of Nat Cohen, a leading member of the network, suck Ed and his friend Sid Willis into giving it a try. Ed struggles through prospecting his 'warm circle' until he hits the brick wall of the cold call. Does he find a way over the wall or turn and run?

Ed lets us into his quirky and highly inventive mind as he grapples with handling rejection, sexual preferences, loyalty and, finally, the demands of his conscience.
While cafe hilariously sends up network marketing, there are also truths for those contemplating it. 

When your friend calls to invite you to a mysterious business meeting, insist that he first read cafe .


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