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Publishing with HPG

Any author who has written a manuscript in English or French, either fiction or non-fiction, can now submit it to Horizon Publishing Group by email to for assessment in view of publication.* On receipt, the work will be assessed and reviewed. The outcome of the assessment will be internally discussed to take a decision as to whether:


1. First Scenario - Traditional Publishing: 


No longer available, more details hereinafter.


2. Second Scenario:


Accept the work for publication on a partnership basis; Or,


3. Third Scenario:


Accept the work for publication at the author's own costs and risks (instead of self-publishing); Or,


4. Rare Occasion Scenario


Reject the work for illegality or other issues.


First Scenario - Traditional Publishing


Horizon Publishing Group currently does not offer contracts under the traditional publishing scheme due to the extremely high costs of publishing and distributing a book.


Second Scenario - Partnership-Publishing


It is practically impossible, of course, that Horizon Publishing Group would be able to publish all works received from all authors. Financial and other risks are eminent in the publishing industry. Thus, it would be misleading to say that all works will be published at Horizon Publishing Group's own costs, expenses and risks. We are not here, in the publishing business, to mislead or to provide authors with unsubstantiated or false hopes. We are in the publishing business with high calibre professionals and ethical principles to guide, assist, and help authors to see their works published and available to readers in Australia and/or worldwide.


Accordingly, in the "Second Scenario" mentioned above, when HPG finds that for a reason or the other it cannot take the financial risks of publishing the work, the author will be advised in writing as to whether s/he would be interested in a partnership publishing to publish her/his work. Once the author made her/his mind, then the process of publishing the work will be identical to the "First Scenario".


More information and details of what this include can be found here by clicking on "Publishing Services".


Third Scenario - Fast-Publishing


We do not advise any author to self-publish her/his work. Self-publishing, in our opinion, is a trap used by unscrupulous printers and vanity publishing companies, promising the author of a great success of her/his work when it does not have the slightest chance of success for a reason or the other. 


Most authors believe in their work and indeed they should. However, while writing a book is really a daunting task, and an author spends hours, days and nights, weeks and months, and even years in writing a book, nevertheless, when it comes to publishing the work, they discover it is a completely different ballgame altogether. Rejection of manuscripts by publishers is the norm as all publishers receive an excessive number of manuscripts every week. The percentage of a successful submission of a work to a publisher is less than 1% according to statistics. They become desperate to see their work published, available for reading, and make a small income from it and, thus, they resort to self-publishing with companies promising the moon.


Rare Occasions Scenario - Rejection


Reject a work when the work is against Australian and/or international legislations, or does not comply with the moral standards or Horizon Publishing Group's Terms & Conditions and/or Submission Guidelines.


In limited occasions, when the work submitted is against Australian and/or international legislations, does not comply with the Submission Guidelines, and/or HPG's Terms & Conditions, or is immoral, unlawful or against the law (including but not limited to: Defamation - plagiarism - invasion of privacy - initiation to violence - etc.), Horizon Publishing Group will not either respond to the author, or returne the work as it will be disposed off without consideration or further action.


Whichever Scenario you choose, 
Your Book Will Be Published With Us.



*Publishing a manuscript by HPG is subject to its discretion, Terms & Conditions and Manuscript submission Guidelines.


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