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Jodi Delaney


Subject: Fiction - Romance - Erotica

ISBN:     978-1-922238-02-3

RRP:      AU$26.99 (paperback)


The back drop of this erotic romance is a volatile journey Alexandra takes with her best friend Corinne travelling the Australian outback.”

Alex is repetitively haunted by the tragic death of her husband. Leaving the security of her home, changing her life’s path, she travels the Outback where she hopes to find inner peace.


Along the way visiting an old friend, Rex, and with an unsuccessful fling, Alex believes she’ll never find love again, until she meets Eric. They both find themselves fighting their own demons as they work towards a trusting relationship. Her travels and her love for Eric are soul searching allowing hidden emotions to evolve. 


The colourful characters Alex meets all leave their thumb print on her heart, although not always positive, she prays the love of one man will hopefully bring her back to the person she once was.











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