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Returning Home

Kate Macnamara


Subject: Non-fiction - Autobiography.

ISBN      978-1-921369-52-0

RRP:      AU$39.99 (paperback)


Out of her own desperate search for healing, Kate discovers the psychology and mystical truths that allow true healing and spiritual awakening. During a powerful mystical event she experiences the essence of the true self as pure love and light in union with the Divine. In this moment she feels a deep calling to heal and awaken so she can be of service and support to others in their healing and awakening.


Kate weaves into her story the keys and tools for healing of fears, traumas and wounds that is available for us all.

Kate’s healing journey takes her into her deepest wounds and fears to release the layers that hide the true self. As she continually studies and journeys within herself, Kate also travels to ancient sites in countries such as Egypt, Israel, France and Turkey. Kate’s heart regularly draws her to the beautiful hills of Ubud in Bali to the mystical Alam Cinta Ashram where people from all over the world come together to heal and transform their lives.

This incredible healing journey demonstrates the way to heal and return home to the essence of the true self. Kate discovers that as Mother Earth is shaking and shifting the ‘time is now’ to remember who we really are.

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