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Walk a Twisted Path

Clerke O’Brien



Subject: Fiction - Australian fiction

ISBN:     978-1-922238-45-0  

RRP:      AU$24.999


Drought, in 1869, grips the south-eastern corner of Queensland. Arriving home from Brisbane Ben discovers his father died mustering cattle. Taking to whisky, alters his personality. In 1858 Ben meets Kate Ferguson aboard the Celeste. The vessel is wrecked. Having been deceived he begrudgingly saves her, then is determined to forget her. Meeting again, deceptiveness forgiven, they marry.

Youngest brother, Brendan, is infatuated with Ben’s wife. Feelings toward Kate develop, but are resisted. Middle brother, Shane, is short of height, gaunt. Jealousy consumes him.  

Matthew Glendenning, landowner on the Darling Downs, conducts a vendetta against the O’Rourke family. Merringurra established, taking cattle to market, Shamus O’Rourke discovers the bodies of two Aborigines. They’d been executed by Samuel, Matthew’s father, after an attack on his property. Matthew refutes the evidence given gave at the trial. Incarcerated, his father dies. Shamus also found a young Aboriginal boy, he becomes William Sunday.

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