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of the Realm

Heather Bucknell


Subject: Fiction - Supernatural

ISBN:      978-1-921369-72-8

RRP:       AU$26.99 (paperback)


A clash of worlds, a collision in time, and a harrowing event from the past is now reverberating and making its presence known in the present. Twin sisters Amelia and Clara Williams identical in every way, except for their eye colour, are living a life of luxury with their beloved family in Cornwall England in 1853, until evil steps in the unlikely form of a seemingly trusted friend and family member. 

Over a century later, two identical twins are due to be born, but to be born without the gift of insight, insight that they had previously as a united pair, they had harboured for so long in the afterlife.  Knowledge that was soon to be lost on their rebirthing and the taking their first new life and earthy breath. Their love so strong and true that one twin chooses silently to sacrifice her own earthly life to protect the other. 

Born unknown of the dread and danger surrounding her, Kelsey Louise Clarke grows up like any other child in her twon. But Kelsey’s life is different to the other children that she has known and grown up with, there has always been the feeling of being constantly watched, the feeling of never really being alone. The knocks on her bedroom window in the dead of the night, and visitations of a being that she was unsure of and terrified of as a small child, are they all just a figment of her child like imagination, or are they just a hint of the terror that is awaiting her.


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