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Monica Warcon

Subject: Young-adult fiction


ISBN:     978-1-922238-46-7

RRP:      AU$19.99 (paperback)

When Monica was a child she had imaginary friends and she thought everyone could see them. As she got older Monica was told that no one else could see her friends. When she grew up and was on her own spiritual journey she found that it was quite common for children to have imaginary friends. So she got out there and found out what all this was about. 


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Monica did healing work on people and found that they still had their imaginary friends with them. But she knew that they were their family that had crossed over. She also found that a lot of children of all ages could see them but were frightened by them. She leant the valuable properties of crystals and how to use them in her healing work. Learning about the past and our future is exciting and she is happy to share her knowledge with others which she regularly does. So in writing her book as an adventure, she hopes she can help children go out and explore the possibilities that are in our world. Don’t be frightened, Monica says, of your abilities … find someone who can teach you their knowledge.

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