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Semoga Bahagia

(A Play)

Geraldine Song



ISBN: 978-1-921369-43-8

RRP: $19.99 (paperback)


In 2015, Andryani Abu Bakar wins the first Jiwa Merlion Award for her contribution to Singapore – the musical Semoga Bahagia, a musical dedicated to Zubir Said and all Singaporeans past, present and future. Fifty years later in 2065, when Singapore celebrates her 100th birthday, Andryani’s grandson Zubir Azhar wins the award for his contributions to Project Bugis, the underground city the size of Singapore and Seletar Besar, the underground reservoir below Bugis. This story follows one family through four generations, from 1960, five years before Singapore became independent, till 2065 when Singapore is 100 years old.


The title Semoga Bahagia is taken from the title of the song composed by Singaporean musician Zubir Said (1907-1987). It is the Malay phrase meaning ‘May You Find Happiness’.



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