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Alison Veronica Garcia



Subject: Fiction - Crime - Suspense

ISBN:     978-1-921369-82-7 

RRP:      AU$26.999


After successfully capturing one of America’s most disturbed serial killer, F.B.I’s most in demand special agent John Rivers and his loyal partner and best friend, Carlos Lopez, are assigned to an even more disturbing case. The middle class town of Tall Pines has recently been plagued by a series of frightening murders and one suicide. All victims were in their young twenties and studying accounting at Tall Pine’s local college with the hopes of becoming hot shot accountants upon graduation. John and Carlos are both sent by their well respected superior, Hugo, who only trusts them to undertake such horrendous cases. They are given new names and identities and go undercover once more as the new local handy men in town. But there’s an unwelcomed catch.

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