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Suppose the author PG Cartwright is no one else but a common person like you. You don’t like to disclose your age, sex and the country of residence.


Writing isn’t the profession that wins bread for you; you couldn’t risk your hard-earned money in writing or publishing books.  But you feel, you have a duty to share your vision of the World with No Boundaries with all citizens of the world.  You know, a book is never as complete as the life itself and you aren’t an author who fathoms the depths of emotions, zooms on the moments of the memoirs and weaves those priceless gems into a seamless tapestry of narration. You look at the way things happen mainly because we religiously follow traditions, even though presumptions behind those traditions are no longer valid. You develop a vision for making minimum changes to traditional boundaries to make this world a better place for every citizen, to live in and work for.


You’ve travelled around the world, mainly to earn your livelihood; in that process, you’ve listened to people of different countries, collaborated with them in projects. You discovered the same Oneness in people across boundaries and developed a vision of the future world.


You came of a lower middle class family in a developing country. Your family accepted that it’s your fate to be poor, yet they cared for you, and one another. Your parents and your siblings were your entire world; anyone in the family was prepared to sacrifice his/her share for the benefit of other members of the family. The ethos that your parents instilled in you in your childhood, you followed assiduously throughout your life, in search of the truth; you found answers in the concept of Oneness, you owe to Swami Vivekananda.


A graduate Engineer specialised in cold rolling of steel tubes, you accepted the challenge of starting EDP in one organisation.  You strived to develop computer-awareness in the society across industries. You migrated to a developed country and continued your endeavour by coupling your business vision with academic brilliance. You became an MBA, Master of Computing and PhD of Computing only by studying part-time.  You introduced architecture for integrating bank applications – perhaps with a mission of integrating the world later. You taught in the university, helped research collaboration between your employer and the university. You served banks worldwide, integrated mainframe-based applications with multiple channels of ATMs, WWW, mobile phone, call-centre etc.


Still you’ve never forgotten the pains you’ve been through because of traditional rules and regulations.  You thought it’s your duty to become a visionary of a world where citizen would know no country boundaries, no relationship boundaries. Inspired by the connectivity achieved by Internet, you now envisage - “Let’s belong to our World and Let World belong to us - to work for and to live in. Let boundaries disappear between countries and families.”

Subject: Fiction - Fantasy

ISBN:     978-1-922238-48-1 

RRP:      AU$29.99 (paperback)

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