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Helen Briton Wheeler


“a gripping story told with passion and sensitivity”
Donna Gibbs, author and educator.

"Finding Felicity is a novel which captures the reader's interest in a riveting way from the first chapter”

Joy Yeo - educator.

"Finding Felicity is a positive, ‘

feel-good’ book"


Subject: Fiction - Contem-

               porary women’s

               fiction - Domestic

               violence - troubled


ISBN: 978-1-922238-42-9 

RRP: $24.99 (paperback)

Author, blogger and retired journalist, Helen Briton Wheeler had a country childhood in South Australia and Queensland. After schooling in Brisbane, she studied graphic art and married a fellow art student from Thailand.  The couple moved to Bangkok and then to a farming village  outside  the city. It was an opportunity for Helen to learn about another culture and worldview and, of course, the Thai language.


The marriage foundered and Helen returned to Sydney, Australia, to make a home, bring up the couple’s two children and work as a journalist, principally as a magazine sub-editor.

After she retired from journalism, Helen turned to writing fiction and self-published her first novel, Day of the Diamond Earrings. Finding Felicity is her second novel, the idea for the setting coming after a visit to family in Thailand.

Helen blogs regularly on her site, Food & 42 ( and has her own Facebook page.

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