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Life as it is

Rebecca Burge


Subject: Non-fiction - Biography – Rural women– Mothers

– Ranch life – Country life – Northern Queensland

ISBN:      978-1-922238-60-3

RRP:       AU$32.99 (paperback)


“Life as it is”, is what it is-My Life! My name is Rebecca Burge and I haven’t always lived on a cattle property in far North Queensland. I was born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia. Growing up in the small country town of Gawler and then spending all my secondary years in Adelaide. The story only touches on my early years and is predominantly about my years on Lamonds Lagoon Station, North Queensland.

I married a “cattle man” and moved from the comforts of city life to the isolation of the bush. It is about all the little stories along the way and some of the different experiences I have had to deal with. 


Lamonds Lagoon is four to five hours from the major towns of Charters Towers, Townsville and Cairns. I educated my five boys through Distance Education to the end of year 7. The boys all have their different personalities and this is characterised in this story.


If something is to go wrong, it will. This has only made our life more interesting with many a story to tell. There have been countless snake stories, many animal stories. There have been dramas in the classroom. We have had some interesting Christmas’s and a couple of bush christenings. We have experienced all the elements when it comes to disasters. The floods of 2009, Cyclone Yasi, which we are still recovering from and then the bushfires. Droughts are upon us at the moment. 


In summary, I moved out of my comfort zone into an unknown “world” away from family, friends and shops. I have experienced so much in these years and it has not always been easy but what stands out beyond all doubt is how important family is, and while we are all healthy and happy, then we are the lucky ones!

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