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A Place of Light


Monica Warcon



Subject: Young-adult fiction

ISBN:     978-1-922238-46-7

RRP:      AU$19.99 (paperback)


John was a forestry worker responsible for looking after protected forests. His job was to make sure people weren’t cutting trees down or stealing precious plants and endangering the forest’s ecosystems.
But today he was on holiday getting a much deserved rest, and he knew no better place to rest than in the forest which he loved so much. Lisa also loved nature, and they both wanted their baby daughter to love nature as much as they did. 

On the drive to their campsite a couple days before, the little family had stopped at a local shop to look at some antiques. There were some beautiful pendant necklaces said to protect whoever wore them. In the spirit of fun, John bought one each for his wife and baby. Although the chain was much too long for one so small, John had immediately fastened one of the pendants around the baby’s neck. Instead of wearing hers, Lisa had fastened her necklace to the wrist strap attached to her camera.

They lived only a short drive from this forest, but they wanted to explore parts of it at their leisure—something John couldn’t do with his family when he was working. Today they were going to hike to the top of the mountain near their camp. They readied their supplies and put the baby into a backpack on John’s back. They put out the fire from the night before and headed off on their hike, leaving some of their gear at the campsite. They knew no one else would be in the forest at this time of year and their campsite would be safe.



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