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The Anointed One


Herb Hamlet



Subject: Fiction - Christian fiction

                Poverty--Religious aspects--Christianity.


ISBN:     978-1-922238-04-7  

RRP:      AU$29.99 (paperback)


During brain surgery, the first black Pope (real name ? Alendi Mahbooto) undergoes a near-death experience. He receives a clear message from Christ which imbues him with new understanding, inner strength and determination. The Church must use its vast resources, including the Vatican Treasures, to help the sick and the poor of the Third World, other Christian religions must do so as well. (many thousands of children under 5yrs of age die each day) The Catholic Church should also change its outdated policies on artificial contraception, celibacy, and women in the Church.

After receiving the divine inspiration, the Pope must implement vast changes to the Church, changes which alienate Cardinals from the developed world, as well as powerful nations and dark forces within the Vatican.”

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