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Horizon Publishing Group's professional team provides the following services - please ask for a quote:

  1. Assessment: this is a critical appraisal and an “Assessment Report” will be sent to you;

  2. Editing (copy and structural editing if required);

  3. Proofreading;

  4. Cover design (front, back & spine);

  5. ISBN;

  6. CiP;

  7. Barcode;

  8. Title insertion into “Global Books in Print” which makes a title available for order worldwide;

  9. Typesetting for print version;

  10. Typesetting for different electronic platforms versions;

  11. Printing & binding;

  12. Legal deposits as required by Australian laws;

  13. Five free copies to the author (excluding shipping);

  14. Registration for distribution;

  15. Distribution in Australia and New Zealand;

  16. Worldwide distribution to at least 39,000 bookstores and libraries;

  17. eBook: worldwide distribution to different outlets including:

    1. Amazon Kindle (United States)

    2. Apple® (United States)

    3. Baker & Taylor (United States)

    4. Barnes & Noble Nook (United States)

    5. BitLit (Canada)

    6. Bookmate (United States, Russia, and United Kingdom)

    7. Chegg (United States)

    8. CoreSource Fulfillment (Global)

    9. FlipKart (India)

    10. Gardners (United Kingdom)

    11. Glose (United States)

    12. Inktera (United States)

    13. Kobo (Canada)

    14. Oyster Books (United States)

    15. PaperC (Germany)

    16. RedShelf (United States)

    17. Rethink Books/Bookshout! (United States)

    18. Rockstand (India)

    19. Sainsbury’s (United Kingdom)

    20. Scribd (United States)

    21. Txtr (Germany)

    22. VitalSource (United States)

    23. Wook (Portugal)

    24. Zola Books (United States)

    25. 24 Symbols (Spain and United States)


Please note, however, that HPG does not release immediately any eBook for a title to allow a time for the print version to be distributed and sold.


  1. Book launch: A book launch can be organised in any capital city.

(More information coming soon).

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