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Clerke O'Brien

Subject:  Fiction - Australian.

ISBN:      978-1-922238-45-0  (pbk)

RRP:       24.99 (paperback)

Born in Sydney, 13 November, 1945, Clerke's family relocated to Mackay, North Queensland, then went to England. Returning to Australia, they settled in the western suburbs of Sydney. Due to his mother’s arthritis they returned to Queensland where in 1963, from Cairns, Clerke joined the army; serving a six year term. 

Taking his discharge, Clerke settled on the Gold Coast. Prior to that, he completed a writing course. His son was born in 1970. Divorcing, he remarried some time later. He has two daughters, eighteen and twenty.               
This story began life many years ago, eventually morphing into a trilogy.

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