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The Mine of Eternal Spring


Alan B. Pierce


Subject: Gold mines and mining--Victoria--  


             Historical fiction.

             Melbourne (Vic.)--Fiction.

ISBN:       978-1-922238-68-9

RRP:        AU$29.99 (paperback)


Roland Scott unexpectedly inherits, at the age of twenty-three, a debt-laden country law practice and a share in a failing gold mine. Roland decides to work at the mine, leaving his late father’s practice and his girlfriend Linden, the daughter of a wealthy doctor, behind.

The time is the 1970s, but the challenges of operating a small gold mine in the Australian bush have changed little since the late 19th century. Roland must gain the trust of a band of offbeat and unforgettable characters working at the mine. He must also choose between the temptations of Megan, the mine manager’s wife, and his love for the absent Linden. For Roland it is a quest to find his true self.

The Mine of Eternal Spring is an absorbing, action-packed tale of gold, lust, love, loyalty and betrayal in a remote and beautiful valley in Eastern Victoria, told with verve, style and deliciously subtle humour.


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