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Geoff A Mohr


Subject: Non-Fiction - Conflict (Psychology)
               Conflict management--History..

ISBN:     978-1-922238-05-4 

RRP:      AU$32.99 (paperback)


Human history is dominated by tales of wars and other conflicts. It has been estimated that in the period 1820 to 1990 there were at least 100 wars involving at least two nations. In the last century there were two world wars, the second killing 60 million people, mostly civilians. In the period 1946 to 1990 there were more than 100 wars in 60 countries or territories, killing another 16 million, mostly civilians.

This book examines concisely the history and psychology of human conflict, its special features including:

  • An overview of man’s long history of conflicts.

  • The psychology of conflict including attitudinal psychology, contact theory, hierarchies, and personality types.

  • A new six part Attitudinal Model of Conflict and discussion of this in relation to man’s many areas of conflict.

  • Conflict in marriage, schools, and workplaces.

  • Urban crime and conflicting groups in society.

  • Tribal, ethnic, religious and political conflict.

  • Territorial and imperialist conflict.

  • The two World Wars, terrorism and revolution.

  • Democracy, socialism and the decline of the West.

  • Future conflict: nuclear and biological warfare.

  • How to reduce conflict and focus on the growing threats of overpopulation, resource depletion and pollution.

  • Real democracy is proposed and detailed.

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