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It is very rare to find a literary fiction about World War One

and less a love story that is taking place during that period.

"A Fine Mourning" covers

such gap and such lack

of that important period

in human history.

A Must Read.

A Fine Mourning


Rob Westcott


Subject: Fiction / World War One / Romance

               World War, 1914-1918--Fiction.


               War stories.

               Love stories.

ISBN      9781922238207 (pbk.)

RRP:      AU$29.99 (paperback)


War! A splendid game. Wailing bugles, clashing swords, thrusting steeds, the gritty flavour of saltpetre . . .  

Alas, no more! Not since captured by science and industry, and railway timetables. This time, legions are butchered on a scale unimagined, the survivors scourged and scarred forever. A generation sacrificed to chauvinism.


Many welcomed it. At first. In sitting rooms and salons, from London to Constantinople, hatred and hubris flourished. A necessary cleansing, it was said - a brief, violent storm to settle too many overheated seasons of dynastic feuding and political chicanery.


Arrogance, bigotry, sanctimony . . . Theatre! The world its stage. The characters: a folly of creaking monarchies and musty aristocracies.


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