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About Lewis G Hutson


Lewis Grant Hutson [Chick] was born on 31 July 1926 in Edinborough, Scotland. He migrated to Australia in 1931 with his family. There, he attended public school at Milla Milla on the Atherton tablelands, and High School in Cairns. After discharge from the Army, he became a qualified Carpenter for some years, before becoming a store man with Government stores in Papua New Guinea.

ISBN:     978-1-922238-17-7 (pbk.)

RRP:      $24.99

Subject: Fiction - Teenagers - growing up - puberty


Retired as a “Superintendent of Stores and Supply”, Lewis returned to Australia in 1954, when he took up an interest in Marine matters, first as a licensed professional fisherman and then as a ships Master in various positions in both commercial and tourist trades. When he retired, Lewis spent many years solo cruising up and down the Queensland coast. Ceased this activity in 2006 and spent many years, writing, editing, rewriting and refining a. Novel--- ‘’A Certain Desire”.

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