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the undefeated

Barry H Young


Subject: Fiction - American Western

ISBN:     978-1-921369-04-9

RRP:      AU$29.99 (paperback)


An extraordinary, vivid, haunting and stunning novel magnificently crafted taking you into a time of tragic history that molded a nation out of exploration and discovery, wanton carnage, savagery, courage and bloodshed.

An overwhelming gripping action packed story of a young man’s grind to manhood through despair, shame, torture, survival and retribution. His early years infused with hate, of a mystic meeting with a spirit from another time and place, of the tragic wasted years fighting hell and horror of the blood lust of the American Civil War.

This is an epic story of the hunter who became the hunted, as the predator giving no mercy, as the prey fighting for his life, of the rise and fall of a savagely persecuted nation of proud people caught in a turmoil by an encroaching world, of a love spurned and re-ignited in hot raw passion amid the death-defying challenge of leading the oppressed to freedom from a ruthless tyrant and the surprise, thrilling climax of revenge and a hate suppressed.

The overwhelming power of such heart gripping action of this magnificent story penned in the poetry and endless beauty of the wilderness of Northern America so vividly described in Barry H Young’s unique style.



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