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The Red Chilli

Michael Batchelor




Subject: Fiction: Drug dealers--Queensland.

               Drug traffic--Queensland.

ISBN:      978-1-922238-41-2 

RRP:       AU$24.99


Bowden: A small town in rural Queensland – divided by two powerhouse drug lords. Known only as The Red Chilli and Carmen, these two charming drug pushers have their markings imprinted all throughout the small community where cocaine is their currency.

Here we introduce our hero. A young high school student named Jack whose curiosity gets the better of him as he becomes entangled with The Red Chilli and Carmen’s twisted agenda. So what will become of Jack as he struggles to climb up from the underground drug scene of Bowden? Will he find his solace and his escape? Or will cocaine and the seduction of a town of druggies bring him into the shackles of a corrupt town where the lawmen are lawless, and The Red Chilli reigns King.


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