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Finding Felicity

Helen Briton Wheeler

“a gripping story told with passion and sensitivity”
Donna Gibbs, author and educator.

"Finding Felicity is a novel which captures

the reader's interest in a riveting way

from the first chapter”

Joy Yeo - educator.

Subject: Fiction - Contemporary women’s

               fiction - Domestic violence -

               troubled relationships

ISBN:     978-1-922238-42-9 

RRP:      AU$24.99 (paperback)


"Finding Felicity is a positive, ‘feel-good’ book"


"Finding Felicity" is the story of a woman and her step-daughter and tells how love within their family triumphs over serious relationship problems. There are psychological insights into grief and dysfunctional marriage, development of the characters as they deal with these situations and a suspenseful escape from Bangkok to Sydney. The setting is these two cities in 2006.

Chapter One begins in Sydney with Lydia waking to face the funeral of her much-loved husband, Richard. She is supported there by her step-children, Richard’s son J.C. and daughter Margaret. At the wake, the question arises: why is Felicity (Fliss), the youngest step-child, not there?

Lydia has a hunch that something is wrong in Felicity’s life. When she visits the memorial garden where Richard’s ashes are scattered, she feels his presence and talks to him, as she does throughout the book. She vows to Richard to visit Bangkok and look into Felicity’s life there.

On the flight to Thailand, Lydia reviews the experiences and characters of her three step-children.


"Finding Felicity is a positive, ‘

feel-good’ book"

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