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Subject: Fiction - Espionage - Terrorism

ISBN:     9781922238191 (pbk)

RRP:      AU$26.99 (paperback)


A man with an intelligence background, John Bradley does specific missions for The American Forces in Vietnam.

On one of these missions he meets the love of his life, Anne. He is invited to a fundraiser at The White House and an attempt is made on The President’s life. Nixon asks John to take up an investigation into who is behind this and other incidents.

Taking up the task leads John into some perilous situations and he has to make the ultimate sacrifice. The thrilling ride takes him to the edge of his endurance. Someone very close to Nixon wants to take over the country’s top job.

The ending holds America to ransom, with one last mission for John Bradley.  Can he beat the traitors at their own game?


The Fine Line

Roseanne Robinson

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