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Nothing NORTH

Alison Veronica Garcia



Subject: Fiction - Crime - Suspense

ISBN:     978-1-921369-73-5 

RRP:      AU$26.999


In an industry that’s full of enthusiastic, driven and determined journalists, Amy Millers has been offered the chance of a lifetime to work at Gates Publishing, one of the world’s largest publishing firms, in a town called Pleasant View. They live solely on money and power and when they let their money do the talking, they become untouchable in every way. She soon learns that Pleasant View is a town where the rich and elite travel to escape city life. Amy considers herself one lucky girl for this once in a lifetime opportunity...or maybe fate intervened. There’s more to Amy though. She dreams a lot and her dreams are not always nice. Sometimes, her dreams come true, for better and for worst. Her nightmares especially are vivid and disturbing. In a short span of time, Amy realizes that she’s definitely not home anymore, for more wrong reasons than good. The town has a solid history of demonic possession. Every decade or so, a local is possessed, yet the majority of the town’s people are in denial, never believing that the supernatural exists. Nothing was ever as it seemed to be and the arrival of Amy only awakens what the town never believed in.

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