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F. P. Hanna

F. P. Hanna has over 24 years’ experience as expert linguist, editor, researcher, writer, and many years of experience as a freelance journalist, copyeditor, author, and publisher. Expertise also covers all aspects of in-house publications: from writing, concept, design, layout, art direction, project management to the production and publishing of different books and magazines such as the Middle East Business Report and Arabesque magazines.


F. P. Hanna is a eternal student as he studied a Bachelor of Architecture – a Bachelor of Arts (Interpreting/Translation) – a Bachelor of Laws (Graduate) – a Master of Arts (Linguistics) – a Master of Dispute Resolution – and a Master of International Law. He also studied some units in medicine, communication, journalism, and business administration. He is an author, cultural adviser, editor, expert linguist, interpreter and translator, journalist, and publisher.


He is/was a member of different national and international associations and organisations such as the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) (Australian Journalists Association (AJA) section), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the Australian Society of Authors (ASA), the Society of Editors of NSW (SEds NSW), the Writers Centre of NSW, the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR), Amnesty International, and the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). He is also accredited as a professional Interpreter & Translator in both Australia and the European Union, and accredited teacher by the Catholic Education System in Australia.


F. P. Hanna’s first book to be published is a non-fiction “Women in Islam” that is due to be released in 2016, which examines the real position of women in the Qur’an, Islamic law, and in real life.

His secon book entitled "What you should really know about Islam" is about, as its title says, the routes of Islam since the seventh Century until today. In this book, readers will learn about the rise of Muhammad in the first half of the seventh century, the political expansion of Islam, the Ottoman Empire and its fall to its resurgence in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


His third book is a fiction based on true events “In the Name of God”, which includes four predictions concerning four British personalities and will be released 2016/2017. Horizon Publishing Group has delayed the release of this book several times due to the sensitivity of the contained information.


F. P. Hanna will also release a fourth book entitled "I Saw Tomorrow". Influenced by many predictions, clairvoyants, the book of Revelations and others, F. P. Hanna has predicted, years ago, many events. His predictions included the South-East-Asia financial crisis, the forthcoming financial crisis in Japan, the future collapse of the American dollar, and the coming of economic crises in Europe. He also writes about the “Harlot” mentioned in the book of Revelations; the coming of the antichrist, and where he will be coming from; the meaning of 666; and many other predictions. F. P. Hanna’s predictions are specific, which make his book completely different from other previous predictions and worth reading.

Subject: Non-fiction - Muslim women.
               Muslim women--Social conditions.
               Women--Islamic countries.
               Biographies & True Stories -

               Religion & Beliefs.
               Law: Jurisprudence & General

               Issues - Systems of Law - Islamic

               Law: The Shari’ah.
               Society & Culture: Cultural Studies.
               Society & Culture: Social Groups -

               Gender Studies - Gender Studies for

               Women - Human Rights - Women’s

               Society & Culture: Social Groups -

               Social & Cultural Aspects of

               Religious Groups - Islamic Studies.

               Gang rape - Honour killings - Infidel


ISBN:     978-1-921369-35-3 (Paperback)       RRP:       AU$39.99 

ISBN:     978-1-922238-11-5 (Hard Cover)     RRP:       AU$49.99

Coming Soon









Subject: Non-fiction - Muḥammad, Prophet,                    -632.

                 Islam-21st century.




                 Human rights-Religious aspects-


                 Peace-Religious aspects--Islam.



ISBN:       978-1-921369-51-1 (Paperback)     RRP:         AU$39.99 

ISBN:       978-1-922238-08-5 (Hard Cover)     RRP:         AU$49.99

Coming Soon















Subject: Fiction inspired by true events.

               Thriller - Crime.

               London bombing - Predictions -

               Mind reading - Terrorism.

ISBN:     978-1-921369-00-1 (Paperback)       RRP:       AU$32.99 

ISBN:     978-1-922238-11-5 (Hard Cover)     RRP:       AU$42.99

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