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“A memoir on the family of the man who committed affray in front of Prince Charles in January 1994.”


Forty Bibles


Forty Dictionaries


Hae-Lyun Kang



Subject:  Non-fiction - Memoire.

                Kang, David, 1971---Family.

                Kang family.

ISBN:       978-1-922238-01-6

RRP:        AU$32.99 (paperback)



Back cover:


"There’s a bookshelf in the lounge room that shelves books that date back to the seventies. And then there are the dictionaries. There are English/Korean dictionaries, Korean/English dictionaries and Korean/Korean dictionaries. There is also a Korean/French dictionary and there is even a English/Korean dictionary of Military terms with definitions for “gyro control, gyro horizon, gyro stabilizer, gyro pilot” and of course there are the dictionaries in English.

The thing about these dictionaries is there isn’t just one copy. One copy for  Father wasn’t enough. Even to have one copy of the Maths textbook for while I was in the 6th grade wasn’t enough for Father. He insisted I get another Maths textbook, a second copy for home. I got screamed at by a classmate coming across the playground that she was missing a copy. She had some nerve to scream at me like that coming across the playground in front of the  other students, teachers, parents in the morning before assembly and before the first class was due to start. It still riles me to this day."

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