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Subject: Fiction - Terrorism - Australia

ISBN:     978-1-921369-80-3 (pbk.)

RRP:      $26.99 (paperback)



Pat O’Keefe has a less than flawless past. As he lay dying, he overhears a conspiratorial conversation which involves his grandson Jack. Doctors return Pat to health and he knows he needs to turn Jack from his planned course. As he recovers in and later out of the hospital, he attempts to reach out to his grandson in an effort to steer him towards a more moderate, rational stance. In order to reach Jack, the old man begins to reluctantly reveal his own involvement in an anti communist organisation, the Movement, in country New South Wales during the cold war.  In his attempt to sway Jack, Pat reveals the extent of his past including several violent incidents culminating in a murder for the cause.

Rashid is a second generation Australian frustrated by a sense of exclusion from the only country he knows. Following a visit to his native Lebanon, he discovers his roots and decides he must formulate a plan to help his fellow believers on the other side of the world, by bringing the war to a government he holds responsible for the atrocities of the Iraq war.  Within small cells, Rashid is able to organise a myriad of events culminating in an audacious attack. Jack and his long time friend and cricket team member, Amid, form the group implementing the plan. Their commitment to each other, their fellow believers and their loved ones become a complicated tug of war as competing and conflicting events emerge.

Sergeant Jenny Thomson leads a two man team preparing security for the Prime Minister’s Media announcement on a new Environment initiative at Sydney’ Wentworth Hotel. These events have become routine and planning for the function has been flawless.  All contingencies have been anticipated, all entrances covered, all staff and hotel guests checked, all venue rooms swept for explosives, all good...  

An unexpected attendee at the P.M.’s announcement threatens Jacks commitment to the cause and forces drastic and frantic attempts to prevent execution of the attack while remaining out of the reach of investigators, and ahead of his co-conspirators.




Brian Daley

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