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Searchingly since his youth, Barry H Young has researched the early years of American western folklore. The taming of this wild and beautiful land, the stories of the Northern American Indian tribes, the Civil War and the code of the west captured his imagination.


Ever mindful of the famous western writers past and present, he humbly portrays his own interpretations of their country’s western history.


His novels are packed with absorbing action, terror, haunting mysticism, sizzling romance and heart breaking pathos.


His characters, true to the time and to the land, bring life and vitality to the magic of his words. His descriptions of the sweeping grandeur and astonishing lyrical beauty of the unconquered land are pure poetry.


Barry H Young is a true storyteller. He has written 5 absorbing Western Frontier novels and is an award-winning author of short stories Red Wind, The Snake Trail and The Shadow of the Wolf His non-fiction work ‘The Funeral Celebrants Handbook’ has received International acclaim together with his sequel ‘Saying Farewell to Those We Love’


Barry lives with his wife Bev and family in the beautiful Thurgoona valley in Rural New South Wales.

Barry H Young was awarded an O A M – ‘Order of Australia’ for meritorious service to the community in the Australian Day Honours 2008.


Barry H Young

ISBN: 978-1-921369-04-9  (pbk)                   ISBN: 978-1-921369-61-2  (pbk)                  ISBN: 978-1-922238-29-0   (pbk)

RRP: 32.99 (paperback)                                  RRP: 24.99 (paperback)                                 RRP: 24.99 (paperback)

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