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Chontelle Bailey

ISBN:     978-1-921369-81-0  (hard cover)

RRP:      $14.99

Subject: Children Picture Book.

Chontelle grew up on the Gold Coast & has only recently left the region to manage a pet resort in Far North QLD with her adored husband & their 5 fur babies (3 dogs, 2 cats).


Chontelle is passionate about travel, the great outdoors, animals and is always seeking out the opportunity to experience something new with her husband.


From childhood Chontelle has loved writing, always working on one project or another covering a wide range of genres, topics and audiences.


While possessing a degree in Journalism, Chontelle has not pursued a career in the field and prefers to direct her writing toward more creative arenas.


Using her 5 young nieces and nephews as inspiration Chontelle is looking forward to writing a series of bright fun children’s books with a running animal theme while continuing work on a non-fiction travel release.

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