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The process of publishing a book can be very long and exhausting. However, we, at Horizon Publishing Group, are providing you, in the following, a step-by-step detailed information on how to make sure your submission adheres to our guidelines in order to see your work published in a short time.


The first step in publishing your book with Horizon Publishing Group is reading and understanding the following section "A", then, if you decide to submit your work to us, read the following section "B" on "How to prepare your submission".


A - Submitting Your Proposal


  • A covering letter that addresses the following:

  • How you came to write the book.

  • A note on your view of the potential market/readership of the book.

  • List similar books that have been published or are in print and explain how your proposal differs from existing books in the market.

  • How comparable books have sold in bookshops.*

  • List any additional markets that your proposed book could sell in, besides bookstores.

  • How you would promote your book, including any of your relevant media or corporate contacts or other contacts that would help us in marketing your book.

  • Who is your intended audience? What sections of society would be interested in what you have written?


*If you are unable to provide us with the information marked with '*' you can disregard it. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you provide the information required as this will help us to plan the pub;ishing of your book.


  • A synopsis of the entire book (Not more than two-pages long).

  • Submit only the first three chapters of your book, and a synopsis of the entire book. Do not send query letters as we practically cannot assess your work without a portion of the manuscript. (However your synopsis is good, it is impossible for us to assess the quality of your work for example from chapters 1, 25, and 37).

  • A current Resume including education, profession, work history, membership and affiliations, and previous publications, if any.


Although all possible care will be taken with all submissions, however, Horizon Publishing Group bears no responsibility for the loss or damage of material received. 


Please note that HPG will not return any material received and we only accept submissions by email to Therefore, no hard copies required.


Our response time:


Our current response time, compared to other publishing houses of at least twelve months, if ever they respond, is in fact very short. It is currently estimated at up to twelve (12) weeks from the date of receipt by Horizon Publishing Group of a duley completed submission from an Author. Due to the volume of submissions, it may take longer at certain times of the year. No acknowledgement of receipt will be sent. Assessment is made in order of receipt. 

Please read carefully ALL of the following before submitting your proposal to Horizon Publishing Group. The success of your work and finished book depend solely upon you scrupulously following them.



B - How to prepare your submission:


If after reviewing the information above you decided to submit your proposal to Horizon Publishing Group, please adhere to the following in preparing your submission to us. 

Read carefully the following instructions as this will prevent any waste of our time and yours:


  • You MUST submit your work ONLY by email. 

  • Email submissions MUST be sent to the Submissions Team at:

  • Your cover letter should state the genre of the submission, and previous sales or publications, if relevant.

  • Always put your name and address on each page of your manuscript.

  • In addition to your name and address, please ensure the manuscript title and the page number appear on the top of every page of your manuscript (as a header).

  • Paragraphs indicated by indents (tabs), not by an extra line space.

  • Please put a covering page for Novels and Non-fiction Books.

  • Begin each chapter of your book on its own page separated from the previous one.


Submissions are now being accepted ONLY by email to:


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