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Forth Coming


Tony Criddle


Subject: Fiction  - Iran--History--1979
ISBN:     978-1-921369-57-5 

RRP:      AU$29.95 (paperback)


Set during the traumatic events in Iran that saw Shah Mohammed Rezi deposed by the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, “Wheels within Wheels” is the story of a cross-cultural love between Lale and Nick Evans, an ex-RN helicopter pilot working in Iran. Flying for an American Survey Company at an isolated desert outpost at the time, Nick was already caught up in the Iranian turmoil. His situation was further been complicated by an unexpected plea for help from an Iranian he knew when he attended the British Naval College. To complicate things even further, his Iranian friend turns to have an estranged sister who happened to have been working at the American Embassy when it was sacked. Nick is forced to rescue both, his friend to an isolated operation in the desert and, then, his friend’s sister with whom he begins falling in love. Any thoughts of a normal future somewhere else together are dashed by the aborted attempt by the American military to release the Embassy hostages.

Would the Iranian new regime let them escape, or, the hunt begins? And, would they all survive?

“Wheels within Wheels” is an excellent thriller that touches on a variety of themes. It provides an insight into the nature of turmoil in Iran in 1979 and the 80s. It also explores the cultural differences between the West and Muslim societies.

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