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Nada Owens


Subject: Fiction - Thriller - Friendship - Teens

ISBN:     978-1-922238-32-0 

RRP:      AU$24.99 (paperback)


Bridget Gallaway is an ordinary seventeen-year old teenager who is thrown into extraordinary circumstances. She is in her final year of high school and is studying hard to earn a place in a top university, to study law. She lives with her family, including her grandmother, who suffers from dementia. She is trying to live a normal life but is shackled by her childhood best friend, Jordon.

After a number of insidious incidents in her personal life and a series of bizarre events at school, Bridget turns her back on her family and friends and attempts to reconstruct her life in a new environment, but things only get worse.

It is a suspense that delves into identity, obsession, and the impossibility of friendships when they have been poisoned by envy.

Will she succeed and forget the past!


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