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Ryaed Owens



Subject:    Fiction – Historical

The hundred-years’ war - Inquisition


ISBN:     978-1-922238-61-0 

RRP:      AU$24.99 (paperback)


The story of Marcus and Claire and how their love and loyalties are tested by the forces of the inquisition during the Hundred Years’ War, as well as enemies seeking to rend their love apart.


Marcus, an English bowman and atheist, and Claire, the daughter of a former priest, are branded heretics after opposing the inquisition, and are in hiding in a forest in Gascony with a group of mystics, led by the witches Gyverny and Amelie.


When Inquisitor Roderick seeks revenge for his maimed hand and the death of his comrade, Dominic, he acquires the aid of the knight Bodin and witch hunters to raid the forest the mystics dwell in. Orders are given to capture Claire’s sister, Eve, the strange girl who performs miracles, and decide whether or not she is a prophet of God or controlled by demons.

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