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Ryaed Owens


Subject: Historical fiction - Romance -The hundred-year War

               and the Inquisition

ISBN:      978-1-922238-07-8

RRP:       AU$24.95 (paperback)


Heretics is a novel of forbidden love, set against the backdrop of the Hundred Years’ War and the Inquisition. It follows the point of view of Marcus, an English orphan boy and atheist who fights the French as a bowman. Wounded in battle, he flees to the town of Auch where he disguises himself as a Frenchman. In a tavern, he meets Claire, the daughter of a former priest, who is to be married to the knight Robert, and who has snuck out of her house dressed in her father’s clothes to escape her plight.

When Claire’s father and sister fall under the suspicion of the inquisition, Claire’s marriage is hastened to keep the good family name. Marcus and Claire form a deeper bond, and find themselves embroiled in a net of vengeance, witchcraft, and on the run from the inquisition intent on spilling their blood.

Heretics is a novel that takes you back in time to medieval France and gives you an adventure story typical of this era. 



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