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Subject: Fiction - Health - Pandemic - Contagion.

ISBN:     978-1-921369-56-8

RRP:      AU$26.99 (paperback)



What would you do if an influenza pandemic arrived on your doorstep? ... How would you find enough food when the supermarkets are empty? ... How could you pay your bills when you lose your job because your workplace shuts down? ... Will you be able to get medical attention when the hospitals are overflowing? ... Would you and your family survive?

The Pandemic Plan is a story about Estelle, the Director of a Public Health Unit. Estelle heads a team of health professionals that are the vanguard of managing outbreaks of viruses. A pandemic is something they train for and hope they will never face. But when an outbreak of the new, highly contagious influenza strain H15N8 reaches the shores of Australia in May, 2015, Estelle’s team must work swiftly to try and contain it’s spread. 


The community suffers, it’s a cold winter, food and other essential services are in short supply. Hospitals are stretched beyond capabilities and people are dying in the thousands. The ugly side of humanity is seen but is also balanced by the noble care for others.


Estelle’s team must not only ensure their own safety, but control the panic of an unsuspecting public.


The Pandemic Plan is a story of fear, survival and courage.

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