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Evil Eye


Nada Owens


Subject: Fiction - Supernatural

ISBN:     978-1-922238-09-2 

RRP:      AU$26.99 (paperback)


EVIL EYE is a novel about Thea’s struggles to fit in with her family that hails from supernatural stock. She is outcast from supernatural family rituals and from devising evil concoctions to administer to the family’s enemies.

The Kingston family is dominated by women – led by their mother Ethel, who has five daughters – Helena, Satria, Freda, Savannah and Thea. The children are all female by choice, decided by Ethel, whose ambition was to only breed women, in order to keep the bloodline strong. Ethel generates a world of evil around her family, all spun from her supernatural beliefs taken from a coveted book, which has been passed down through the Kingston generations.

It is the story of struggle against evil, but also about love and freedom. Can Thea free the world from evil?’


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