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The Immorian Scrolls


Alicia Watson


Subject: Science-Fiction.

ISBN:     978-1-922238-27-6

RRP:      AU$19.99 (paperback)


"The Immorian Scrolls: Earth

is an adventure for all ages."

Ethan Magellan is an exceptional teenager with an eternal love of History. As a Junior Cataloguer at the World History Museum he sees firsthand the treasures and knowledge of the past.

Aaliyah is an Immori Specieologist. Her sole Duty is to record the histories of the many cultures throughout the galaxies, preserving them for the generations to come.

When Aaliyah travels to the far corners of the universe on an expedition to learn Earths history and culture, she is unprepared for what she discovers. An ancient alien device and a power hungry tyrant bent on revenge. Together, the Earthling and the Immori must join forces to find the device before the enemy, not only to save Earth but the entire universe.

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