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A magnificent safari that travels west of the moon and east of the sun, through enthralling jungles teeming with herds of game to a tropical paradise of coastal aquamarine waters.


Millions of visitors as well as the main characters of the drama, annually heed the drums that beat - Come to brightest Africa.


Envisage a raw amorous tale that knows no boundaries, set in present day Africa, spanning from the exotic Zanzibar culture along the Indian Ocean to the fabulous pageantry of the nomadic Maasailand. In awesome splendour amongst great sweeping plains punctuated by rugged mountains is nature's treasure chest of endless wonders. A unique kaleidoscope of strange and free roaming people inhabit this flourishing garden of Eden, a creation of perfection. Throughout the adventure, amidst heart stopping grandeur, savagery plagues the tourists with countless catastrophes, the breathtaking suspense of which is beyond man's imagination. Witch-doctors, rogues and lovers struggle in a land of marauding predators desperately fighting for survival in the last remaining frontier. Isolated customs derived from legend and mysticism play a part, as does the wind blowing from beyond bringing hitherto unknown traditions and technological ideas. These unseen dynamic forces are reshaping the future destiny of the continent that enmeshes the unfortunate. In remote areas, where the scenario unfurls, seduced by nepotism and greed, life becomes acceptable without change or progress, time having no significant value. Here tribalism is an octopus reaching out with tentacles of unrest and grievance, manifesting itself through hatred and hinderous coups of untold carnage. The fabric of society is being torn apart, dividing the people like the ancient trees of the equatorial forests, who's deep roots stretch out parting the soil.

But One Heartbeat Away

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