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Introduction to HPGOLAS


In its endeavour to encourage literary excellence of new, unknown and emerging authors, Horizon Publishing Group established in 2013 its bi-annual Literary Awards under the name of “HPG Outstanding Literary Awards” abbreviated as “HPGOLAS”.


The value of the prize is AU$5,000.


Unfortunately, there was no winners in the inaugural year 2013/14 due to different reasons including, the small number of entries and withdrawal of some entries.


In 2015 the Awards are offered again for outstanding literary works in the following categories:

1. fiction,

2. non-fiction,

3. young adult fiction; and

4. Australian history.


The first three awards are open worldwide. Australian History award is only open to Australian authors with an outstanding work of Australian history.


Please use the following links to navigate through the requirements:


1. Eligibility criteria.

2. Rules and conditions of entry.

3. Entry Form.

4. Payment form.


Horizon Publishing Group wishes everyone all the best.


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